Dentistry Work Experience Placements

January 10, 2012

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Gap medics caters to students looking to get into medical school and nursing school by combining work experience with travel but we often get asked can you provide dental work experience placements also?

We can provide dental work experience placements in our locations and the process of applying and much of your placement works exactly the same as our medicine and nursing students who travel with us although we do have limited numbers of dentistry placements available in each location.

Whether you choose to travel to The Caribbean, India or Tanzania all students will live together in our specially designed Gap Medics houses. Living together with other prospective medical, nursing, and dental students and sharing the same travel experiences.

The only difference is where you actually spend your time within the hospital. Being a prospective dental student you will shadow a dentist on placement, assisting them with procedures where appropriate and learning about dentistry in the developing world. Students often find that their experiences of dentistry in these nations cements their desire to go into dentistry and they get to experience far more varied cases than they would back in the UK.

Take a look at the destinations available in The Caribbean, India, Thailand Tanzania and if you have any questions regarding the dental placements just let us know!