Our Projects Abroad – Why Choose Gap Medics?

January 10, 2012

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Gap Medics offer pre-healthcare work experience abroad but what makes our projects abroad different?

There are now numerous companies offering healthcare work experience placements abroad but we like to think we offer a unique experience and one which you couldnt get anywhere else. There are several key areas where we think we offer a unique service in our placements.

Gap Medics Houses

The Gap Medics Town House, Iringa, Tanzania

All of our students live together in our very own Gap Medics Houses. We dont use homestays and all our students live together in big comfortable accomodation. We feel this is an important part of the experience our students get, all students living together with people their own age and with similar interests. Host families are never used by Gap Medics as we would not want one of our students getting a different experience from another. Host families also raise questions of safety issues when a student is staying within an environment that cannot be directly controlled by ourselves. It is for these reasons we have our own houses each with walled gardens and 24 hour security in each destination.

Staff teams

Tanzania staff on Gangilonga Rock above the Gap Medics house in Iringa

Our projects abroad are different also in that we have an extensive network of staff both in country and in the UK. Within each house there is a programme manager, housekeeper, caterer, programme assistants and 24hour security. They are all employed directly by Gap Medics to make sure your stay with us is memorable, safe, enjoyable and as easy as possible. Our programme manager is there to assist you in any travel you wish to undertake and there to give you your local orientation and to help you settle into the house. We are in constant contact with our staff teams and have a direct internet link to each house so that at any time if for example your parents wanted to reach you and couldnt for whatever reason the team in the UK head office will know exactly what department of the hospital you are working in, when you will be finished, and have information on whatever your plans may be for the weekend too, we are only a phonecall or an E-mail away!

Hospital Placements

Pre-medical students on placement at Iringa Regional Hospital

We know that above all you go on a Gap Medics placement for the healthcare experience that you will get with us. That is why a dedicated team in the UK will work with you before you go on placement to find your specific medical interests and to place you in those departments within the Hospital that will suit you best. in each hospital we have student mentors who look after our students and will guide them when in the Hospital to ensure a safe an unrivalled Hospital Placement. We pay the Doctors direct for their time in teaching you and we pay the hospital direct too for allowing our studnets to learn from their Doctors. This is something which we value very greatly, many other organisations do not neccasarrily pay the Doctors and hospitals they work with but we feel its an absolute neccessity, firstly because paying the hospitals allows them to increase their revenue often in countries that desperatly need new revenue streams and secondly because it is the Doctors who are looking after you in the hospital aswell as doing their dailly job so its only right to ensure they are happy you are there and happy to pass their knowledge onto you that we reimburse them for this! You will never feel like you are not wanted in the hospital or are not welcome on a Gap Medics placement. The Hospitals we work with all sign strict agreements to ensure safety standards are up to our satisfaction and to ensure a safe placements for each of our students.

You can read some reviews of our placements via our Facebook page and can read more of whats included in our placements by searching the main site. We are always happy to talk through any questions you may have about your placement so feel free to call or E-mail us anytime with any questions you may have.