Med School Freshers Week

March 28, 2012

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Starting medical school can be a daunting experience. The first few days often pass in a blur, as new students begin the process of finding their way around, registering for courses, filling out forms and conducting all the other administrative tasks that starting medical school requires. All first year students at medical school are known as “freshers” (or a freshman in the USA).and the start of any first year term for new medical students is known as “Freshers Week.” But there is more to Freshers Week than just satisfying the school administrators.

Freshers Week is a time when new students not only begin their medical school education in earnest, but also get to know one another and their new surroundings. To help freshers settle in, most medical schools pack in a lot of events to Freshers Week, both administrative and social, which makes it one of the most exciting weeks a student will encounter at medical school. Freshers Week normally starts with registration and a welcome talk where timetables and other important information is given out. Being organised and making sure you satisfy all that is required is important for freshers, as often course enrolments have limited places, and forgetting to register can lead to a fresher not getting the specific courses he or she wanted.

Most freshers, however, remember Freshers Week for the socialising. All sorts of events, nights out and entertainment is provided during Freshers Week for new students, and it is the perfect time to begin making new friends. One of the first ports of call for most freshers will be the union bar, known in most medical schools as: “The Union.” The Union, with its cheap drinks and entertainments is the hub for most student entertainment and activity. It’s here where you’ll find out about all the social events planned for Freshers Week and also where you can get to meet new people. While some students find chatting to new people more difficult than others, you have to remember that during Med school Freshers Week, everybody is in the same situation, and most medical students will be just as keen to get to know you and make new friends as you are. Alcohol obviously plays an important part in most Freshers Weeks, but it is important to not overdo it. Freshers Week can be a long week, with plenty to do, and nursing a hangover will only make things more difficult.

Freshers Week is also a good time to enrol on all those extra curriculum activities. Most medical schools have clubs and societies for all sorts of pastimes, from sports and fitness clubs, to debating and theatrical societies. Most medical schools organise a big social event during Freshers Week, such as a ball and this is usually one of the highlights of the week and shouldn’t be missed. Often fancy dress plays a part, as does games and entertainment, and it is one of the most recommended events for any fresher during Freshers Week.