Taking a Working Gap Year to gain Medical Experience

March 28, 2012

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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There is no doubt that being able to add relevant experience in your chosen field on an application to study any branch of medicine is a distinct advantage, but this shouldn’t be the main reason to take a gap year working in the field. Hopefully, you are not in doubt that a career in some branch of medicine is for you, but if you are at all unsure then this will certainly focus your mind. The important thing is to not confuse the element of travel and holiday with anything your future career will bring.
There are many companies which will arrange your working gap year for you, from location to tickets and this is certainly by far the safest way to do things. A gap year is a very exciting prospect and it is easy to feel that it is possible to head off into the great blue yonder, but there are people at home to consider and they will have a much happier year as well, knowing that you are safe and well. Something else which these companies will ensure is that your medical experience will be relevant and conducted safely. There are many very serious illnesses which you may encounter abroad and it is only common sense to make sure that the level of health and safety under which you will be working is adequate.
On safari in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Gap year medical experience does not come cheap and many people choose to do a month or so in their chosen placement having worked their way to the destination, to make some money. You shouldn’t choose the placement just on the basis of cost, though. Your experience needs to be relevant not only to the branch of medicine you want to study but also to your own interests and level of attainment academically. Asside from undertaking a medical placement abroad also spend some of your time speaking to a hospital nearer at hand and shadow doctors in their day to day work. This might not be so exciting and you certainly won’t see much of the world, but if experience is what you are after, this is a must to complemnt your placement overseas.
In short, to get the best out of your gap year medical experience, do lots of web searching or better still, get a personal recommendation. Don’t go for the cheapest option just because of the cost but most of all, make sure you will be safe. View more about the placements Gap Medics offer by clicking here.