Warwick Medical School

March 28, 2012

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Warwick Medical School is the largest graduate entry medical school in the country with a total of 178 places. It takes graduates from a large number of medically-related disciplines and as well as training for MB and ChB it also encourages research and clinical and professional development. In a medical world where early specialization is becoming more common, for many students it is becoming a preferred option to graduate first in biochemistry, health or the natural or physical sciences. Medicine is then a choice for the more mature mind, which has already had the training in thinking given by a first degree. Because the course followed at Warwick is fast track, the student applying must have at least a 2-1 in an accepted degree course and will find that the semesters do not gel with those of other universities, the holidays being shorter and the academic requirements being very stringent.

Although the number of places in large for a medical school following this kind of intake, numbers applying are also large and the successful student will have to be prepared for some very hard work. The medical school at Warwick is also a ‘second chance’ for the student who was perhaps told at school that medicine was not within their grasp; a lot can happen to the student’s sense of worth and ability to apply themselves and graduate entry as applied at Warwick will go some way to bringing into the workplace doctors who otherwise may have been forced to take a different path. On visiting the website of the medical school, many students will be surprised at the range of first degrees which are acceptable – the first, alphabetically is aeromechanical engineering, for example.

Warwick Medical School has links with a number of hospitals locally and slightly further afield, the flagship being the newly completed University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) which includes among other splendid facilities one of the largest ICUcomplexes in the country, dealing with trauma and those needing long term care.

Warwick University campus itself is in a semi-rural setting just outside Coventry with a wide range of sports facilities on campus. The city of Coventry is a matter of a few miles away and the UHCW is easily reached by rail or road for clinical practice. When the student is attached to a consultant firm within the hospital and is working full time with the team, accommodation is provided within the hospital for those times. Coventry is a hub of a very comprehensive rail network and major motorways are just outside the town, meaning that trips home in the relatively short holidays are easy to achieve. Coventry has its own airport, but also nearby is the East Midlands Airport which has numerous internal flights as well as international ones. Countryside and bustling cities are equally accessible from the Warwick campus and when the medical student gets a brief day off there are theatres, cinemas and sports facilities all within very easy reach.