An Australian Students Gap Medics Adventure In Tanzania!

August 12, 2012

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Dominic Riga, a year 12 pre-medical student from Melbourne Australia joined us on our Gap Medics placement out in Tanzania in January 2012. 

He got back in touch with us recently to let us know how he is getting on and to tell us about how joining the Gap Medics placement affected him and put him squarely on the right track for an exciting career in Medicine. 


Preparing for Shadowing in Surgery

“I’ve wanted to become a doctor for sometime now, but have never had any medical work experience, when I was informed about the Gap Medics program, I knew this was an incredible opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the medical field of a developing country.


My time there was incredible and I was surprised by how much I learnt. A great highlight of my experience was observing multiple surgeries and medical procedures, in which the doctors always happily explained what he or she was doing. 


Outside the hospital, I was never bored, I was living with an amazing group of people, in which I have developed everlasting friendships with, we went on Safari and visited two of the local orphanages, which was significantly eye opening.


My journey has given me a detailed, first hand insight into life as a medical practitioner; now I am fully confident that becoming a Doctor is exactly what I want and is right for me. It has also inspired and motivated me to do my very best in school in order to achieve this goal! 


I can honestly say that my Gap Medics experience has changed me in every way and caused me to grow as a person!”


-Dominic Riga

 Melbourne, Australia, August 2012


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