Czech Republic Backpacking

November 19, 2012

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When it comes to backpacking in Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most fascinating destinations. From its capital Prague, with its beautiful skyline, cobbled streets, medieval architecture and cosmopolitan life to the Bohemian retreats such as Český Krumlov, the Czech Republic has it all.


The Czech Republic is divided into two regions: Bohemia and Moravia. The capital of Bohemia and the capital of the entire country is Prague, perhaps the most popular destination for travelers to the Czech Republic. Few cities can boast as much stunning architecture and beautiful buildings as Prague does, and yet the city also has an exciting nightlife.

For the backpacker, cheap accommodation is plentiful in Prague, as the city is awash with hostels and guesthouses. While Prague is more expensive than other areas of the country, you can still eat out and enjoy much of what the city has to offer on quite a tight budget.


You don’t have to travel far from the Czech capital to come across some fascinating locations. Both bus and train travel in the Czech Republic is excellent value for money and is fairly reliable. An hour from Prague by train can take you to some of the country’s must see locations, which include Ceske Budejovice, home to the Budvar brewery – the original Budweiser. Czech people take their beer seriously and a tour around the 200-year-old brewery is both fascinating and enjoyable.

Kutná Hora is another must see location, primarily because of the unique fifteenth century church, which contains a vault containing sculptures made from thousands of human bones. The macabre ossuary is a popular tourist destination that contains all sorts of objects, such as a chandelier made from every bone in the human body. The fifteenth century town that hosts the church is also a worthwhile a visit, where good food and cheap beer provide an excellent stop-off.

Czech Republic

Český Krumlov and Moravia

Besides Prague, the most common destination for all backpackers in the Czech Republic is the beautiful little city of Český Krumlov. This is truly a hidden gem of a resort and is best visited by bus from Prague. The city is nestled on the banks of the River Vitiva and boasts a castle, beautiful architecture, and numerous restaurants, hostels, hotels and bars.

While the Moravian region of the Czech Republic has fewer attractions for the western backpacker, its capital, Brno, is far cheaper than Prague and is a great alternative destination for backpackers wanting a taste of Czech nightlife without the throngs of foreign tourists that fill Prague throughout the year.

Perhaps Moravia’s most visited resort town is Telč, which dates from the mid-sixteenth century and is as picture perfect as anything in Bohemia. While it is a four-hour trip by bus from Prague, it is perfect for those wanting to get away from the main tourist sites in the country.