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January 25, 2013

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Making the choice to study medicine will be one of the most important decisions of your life, its highly competitive and a lot of hard work but with dedication will give you an amazing and rewarding career, Gap Medics can help!


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Pre-Nurse Midwifery

Pre-Physicians Assistant




Gap Medics offers pre-health students an opportunity to join a fully managed international work placement where along with a group of like-minded students from all over the world you will gain an unrivalled insight into global healthcare. Learn from professional physicians in a real environment and enhance your resume for further education applications and interviews.

The Gap Medics program involves shadowing doctors, nurses and a whole array of professional physicians at work in international hospitals; you will be assigned a mentor who will be a highly qualified professional in whichever field of medicine you would like to gain educational experience. Gap Medics projects are ideal for any students who are hoping to pursue further study for careers in such fields as Medicine, Nursing, Nurse-Midwifery, Dentistry and Physicians Assistants.

The program will give you a unique, in-depth and fully interactive insight into professional life in medicine on a program which is bespoke and managed in full accordance with your academic stage and individual requirements.

Your mentors will guide through the program; mornings will be spent accompanying doctors on ward rounds where english speaking staff will give you an insight into their work, highlighting general patient care, individual medical cases, diagnosis and treatments. You will also have the opportunity to observe procedures and surgery taking place and then in the afternoons join university style seminars where professionals will tutor about their work on a variety of hospital topics.

This is a unique opportunity to gain real useful work experience and to enjoy an incredible cultural exchange where you will learn about the different approaches to healthcare worldwide.

Joining Gap Medics as a pre-health student means to gain a thorough insight into professional medical life and the realities of work in a hospital environment providing you with interactive tuition, invaluable work experience and the in-depth knowledge you need to excel in your chosen avenue of study. 

The experience gained on a Gap Medics program will provide a huge advantage in the competitive interview and applications process for further education but its the personal development, inspiration and motivation you will gain on placement which will push you forward to excel in your studies to realise your true potential in the pursuit of your medical career.

You will join a varied group from all over the world of similar age and aspirations; while on placement you will live at one of our own houses which you will find to be a communal, fun and comfortable environment in which to socialise with your fellow students and an ideal base for the program. A full team of Gap Medics managerial and support staff are on hand 24 hours a day to oversee the program and to ensure everyone has all the guidance and support they may require including our local chefs who prepare a range of international and local specialities for the duration of your stay. 

Gap Medics is a highly respected international program with many years experience of managing pre-medical educational placements abroad which have inspired many thousands of students in their pursuit of a medical career. Gap Medics offers students on a gap-year or pre-medical undergraduates the chance to gain life-changing experience while having the added reassurance and security of a fully managed and supervised program designed specifically for them and where the overall quality of the experience is exceptional.

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