The Benefits of Travelling Abroad for Hospital Work Experience

May 24, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Travelling alone can be a daunting experience for anybody, especially if you are travelling overseas to experience something totally new. Many questions may be crossing your mind… Is it safe? Will I meet new people whilst I am out there? Is this experience going to be beneficial to me and my career?

Students watching the sunset on Gangilonga Rock in Tanzania Well the answer is… Yes!

As long as you carefully plan your travels and the seek out the right type of work experience that is going to help you in the future, there are definitely ways of making it the adventure of a lifetime – a trip that is safe, valuable and fun-filled all at once!

There are many reasons why travelling abroad is more beneficial to you than staying at home and completing work experience in your local hospital in Australia. First and foremost, you will get to experience a type of healthcare that you just would not find locally – or at least it would be very rare. Gaining hospital work experience in developing countries will open your eyes to many tropical diseases such as: Typhoid, Dengue Fever, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to name but a few. These countries also face the problems of limited staff and supplies, presenting even more challenges within the hospitals. This environment will really test your passion for healthcare and not only give you a wide variety of valuable experience to take forward with you in your studies, but also help you to discover if this type of career is really for you.

Of course, it is not just all work and no play! If you are travelling abroad then exploring your chosen destination and everything it has to offer should definitely be on the cards.


And that’s where Gap Medics comes in…

With Gap Medics you will be sure to have all of the above and more. You will complete your experience with a variety of like-minded students from all around the world – in Tanzania, Czech Republic or Thailand – where all of our destinations are bursting with culture and adventures just waiting to be discovered! Our super-sociable houses are located in very safe areas, with 24-hour security guards and Gap Medics staff that will always be there to ensure everything about your trip ventures above and beyond your expectations.

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