Harvard Medical School

June 19, 2013

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For generations now, Harvard Medical School has been unanimously considered a top tier institution, providing high levels of medical education, research facilities and clinical care. Harvard Medical School is located in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. Students from across the country and the world come to this institution to gain the highest levels of education in the medical field of their choice.

Application Deadlines & Requirements

The application date for Harvard Medical School has been set at 15th October every year and the application fee is $100. The school offers full-time tuition at a $49,875 fee and has 12,058 full as well as part-time faculties.

Student on placement in the operating theatre All students who apply to HMS are required to have a baccalaureate degree. The required courses are inclusive of Biology with a minimum of one year of lab experience. Advanced placement credits are not taken into consideration. Students require 2 years of Chemistry along with lab experience and 1 year of Physics. A minimum of 1 year of Calculus is also a requirement. However, advanced placement-credits may qualify.

Another requirement of 1 year of expository writing and computer skills is a must. Applicants are also encouraged to complete courses in literature, languages, humanities, the arts and social sciences. Honor courses are also recommended, and so are independent study and research. The level of the courses is also taken into consideration by the committee during the evaluation.

In addition to this, the admissions committee use numerous other factors in making their final decision. Factors such as academic history, evaluation letters, summer jobs and life experiences are all taken into consideration and so is the essay that is submitted along with your application. Experience in community healthcare is a definite plus. 


Harvard Medical School Schedule 

Harvard Medical School students study for 2 years before starting their clinical study. In these first two years, no traditional letter grades are awarded. Instead, students are evaluated on a Pass/Fail scale. They study at the school’s campus on Longwood Avenue in Boston, and the clinical study can be completed at any of the 20 affiliated institutions that are spread across the city.

Medical students have the option of taking up joint degrees such as the M.D./PhD. program. This is offered in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Students are able to cross-register at other schools that lie within the university. This includes the high-ranking Business School and Law School.


Harvard Medical School Curriculum

The curriculum that is currently being used was designed in the latter part of the 1800’s. Since then, Harvard Medical School has continued innovating and influencing medical education. Today, its students are divided into 4 different academic societies. Each of these provides team-based learning under excellent faculty supervision. Students who have an interest in the nexus of medicine and engineering have the option to enroll in Harvard-MIT Division’s Health Sciences and Technology program. This is the 5th academic society.

HMS is currently in the process of making changes to the admission requirements. The college website has detailed information about the new requirements. These changes will be applicable to the class that will be entering in 2016. Could that be you?