Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Nurse?

June 25, 2013

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Do you feel strongly about caring for the sick? Do you have an innate desire to help others who cannot care for themselves?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions then you should definitely consider nursing as a career. A nurse’s job can be a challenging one, involving long hours of work spent mostly on your feet, sleepless nights, graveyard shifts and tirelessly caring for the sick and disabled, yet your passion for helping others will see you through this and provide you with a very rewarding career indeed.

Gap Medics students on placement

As with any healthcare profession, there are certain questions you should still ask yourself before you decide whether nursing is the right career path for you. The course work is tough and demanding and you do not want to go through it all only to find out that you are not cut out for the role.

Does the thought of making a difference to somebody else’s life move you?

As a nurse you can make a tremendous difference to a sick person’s life. Being ill and confined to a hospital bed can be very depressing. You will be providing basic, everyday care to your patient; you can even go one step further and help brighten up your patient’s day with a few kind words, a loving touch and a patient ear.

Can you be tough and kind at the same time? Can you handle the sight of blood? 

As a nurse you need to be both tough and kind. Your patients will require kindness no matter how demanding or cranky they are and it is your job to ensure they are well cared for. You also have to be tough enough to handle the most gruesome injuries. If you feel uneasy at the sight of blood, maybe nursing isn’t quite for you. You will see and assist with lots of blood and injuries as well as devastating illnesses. You need to give serious thought as to whether or not you can deal with this day in and day out, tirelessly and with a smile on your face at all times.

DSC_0005.jpegDo you work well with others?

A nurse rarely works alone. You will have to interact with doctors who are treating the patient as well as the patient’s family, ambulance staff and other nurses who will be handing over to you or taking over from you at the end of your shift. This is a reason why communication skills are vital in this particular type of career. If you can’t communicate well with your fellow colleagues then how on earth will you be able to communicate with a cancer patient or a mother who has lost her baby?


Can you handle the schedule?

Do not underestimate how gruelling a nurse’s schedule can be. You will be expected to work the night shift at some point during the month, and although you will have fixed working hours, there will be times when you have to stay long past your leaving because of an emergency.  

The above information is not meant to deter you from taking up nursing as a career. In fact, it is one of the most noble professions there is, and if you have the heart and the determination to go through with it, the satisfaction you will feel at the end of the day is immeasurable.