Managing Stress and Medical School

July 4, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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For many people, stress and medical school come hand in hand. To be quite honest, it would be more worrying if you did not experience some form of stress at medical school. But we’re not trying to put you off here. Medical school is tough, but if you have the passion and determination to become a doctor, you will make it happen.


Here are some quick tips on how you can reduce stress whilst at medical school:

  With the mentors in IndiaFind yourself a mentor

Finding a mentor, or simply someone to talk to now and again can really help. Talking through things with an experienced professional can reduce stress levels and help you know where you stand, whether that be with exams, studying, or medical school life in general. Your mentor could be a doctor, medical school professor, or even a fellow student. Do bear in mind though that these are extremely busy people, so you cannot expect them to be there to help you 24/7. However, they are here to teach you how to become a successful doctor at the end of the day, so they will be sure to want to help in any way they can, after all, they have been in your position.


Talk to students in the years above

Doing this will help you to understand what’s in store for the future, and they will also be able to give you tips on how to survive the new adventure of medical school that you have just entered into. They have been in your position before, so who better to speak to than someone who has experienced, and overcome what you are going through.  


Study, study, study

It makes sense that you are going to feel most at ease if you know you’ve studied enough to go into an exam feeling that you know all of the content that could be covered. So even though it may seem like a chore at the time, if you know you have tried your absolute best, then you will feel less stressed even before the outcome.


Make sure you still have a social life

Of course, we do not mean go out partying every night, but it is good to get a bit of a balance between your studies and enjoying yourself. You are not a robot after all, even if you may feel like you have to act like one at times. You need some time to unwind from the stress of your busy week, so put some time aside each weekend to go out with friends, catch up on all of your favourite TV shows, or go and see one of your favourite bands.



It may feel like the last thing that you want to do as you’re sat there buried under a pile of books or tired from being in the labs all day, but networking is something that will really help you in the future. Forming relationships with doctors and professors will not only help you find a mentor or someone to go to for a bit of advice, but it will get you noticed. If these people know you are hard-working and passionate, it is going to do nothing but push them more into helping you become a successful doctor.

Posing :-)Exercise

You may completely dismiss this one as soon as you read it, but exercise can really change your perspective on that big exam you have coming up, or all of that studying you have to do. Cardio exercise sends a rush of hormones to your brain, which helps with memory, problem solving and concentration; so getting your heart pumping really can benefit the type of work you will be doing. If you get into the habit of fitting in exercise into your life now, you can take it with you as you get busier and busier throughout medical school. It will certainly help; try it if you don’t believe us.


Most of all, you should try and enjoy the fact you are working towards a career that you are passionate and determined to succeed in. Yes, it is not going to happen overnight, but it will certainly be worth it.