What To Get Up to In Thailand

July 5, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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A work experience placement in Thailand is a unique experience. From the spectacular scuba diving opportunities in the waters of the Indian Ocean to the exhilarating hill tribe treks, elephant rides, mountain biking, white water rafting and opportunities to go zip lining through the jungle in the Chiang Mai region. Few places offer the same mix of excitement as Thailand does.

It’s not surprising that at Gap Medics, our Thailand placement has always been tremendously popular with medical students who are looking to gain valuable medical experience while taking in the beauty and culture of this fascinating country.

Bathing elephants in northern Thailand!In Thailand, Gap Medics has partnered with two hospitals and several clinics in Chiang Mai, a hill country 700km northwest of Bangkok. Here you will find over 300 stunning temples that dot the lush landscape, fascinating marketplaces that sell the most unique knick-knacks, and plenty of outdoor activities literally on your doorstep. While your weekdays will be busy at the hospitals and clinics, the weekends and evenings are all yours for exploring this charming destination. If there’s one problem you will have it is most likely going to be where to start!

Things To Do

There are many things to do that are particularly popular with visitors to this region, and you are sure to find a lot more to see and do once you get there!

Jungle trekking and mountain biking are most popular amongst the ultra adventurous. Surrounded by hills and mountains of varying sizes, your biggest decision will be whether you should spend just a couple of hours climbing the smallest nearby hill, or perhaps a couple of days conquering different peaks. Along the way you can spend time learning the customs and traditions of the different hill tribes that you come across. When you go on an organized tour you will also get to enjoy the unique experience of sleeping in a tribal village. Complete a mix of single and multiple day tours covering different areas for a truly immersive experience of the different flavors and cultures this region has to offer. 

Bamboo rafting in Thailand

Love the jungle but would like to find an easier way to explore it?

You can go elephant riding through the forest. The whitewater rafting opportunities here are invigorating. You absolutely cannot not go whitewater rafting while you are in Chiang Mai, and if you’ve ever dreamt of taking a dip under the cascading waters of remote waterfalls, this is your chance to make those dreams come!