Huruma Orphanage Centre – Tanzania

July 12, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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A medical placement in Tanzania promises pre-med students a wealth of amazing experiences, from watching doctors and nurses offer life giving treatment in sparsely outfitted hospitals, to taking in the beauty and splendour of the magnificent Ruaha National Park. But no experience can be as awe-inspiring as volunteering in the Huruma Orphanage Centre in Tanzania. If you choose toc complete a Tanzania placement with Gap Medics, make sure you include a volunteering stint at this orphanage. You will come away completely humbled.

The Huruma Orphanage Centre is a children’s orphanage that takes care of orphaned children from the time they are a few hours old till up to 18 years. The mission of the home is to empower children in need to become productive and responsible members of society through education, rehabilitation and self-reliance skills. Established in 1989, the home offers real hope for some of the regions most fragile children by providing them with a warm, comfortable and safe environment till they are old enough to venture out on their own.  Most times, the home has more than 150 children living under its roof.


There is a primary school and a secondary school housed on the same site as the orphanage. The schools offer education for the children of the home and are also open to the neighbouring community.


Becoming a Volunteer at Huruma Orphanage Centre

The Huruma Orphanage Centre welcomes the involvement of anyone who would like to spend time with these children; educating them, teaching them useful life skills and most importantly, showering them with love and affection. You can stay for as little or as long as you like. Most volunteers spend on average about 2 months at the home. However, some stay for only 2 weeks and others choose to spend as much as one year. 

Regardless of the duration of your stay, you can be sure your help will be much appreciated. You do not need to have done this type of work before and you do not need any particular skill set or work experience. Some of the areas that the orphanage looks forward to help with are childcare, medical treatment, fund-raising and help with administrative functioning. However, you are not just limited to these. You can consider sharing any of your skill with these children, whether it is carpentry, embroidery, sewing, agriculture or construction.

If you would like to volunteer at Huruma, you simply have to get in touch with them and let them know you are interested and you will get a reply back with all of the information you need. In a set up that is low on resources and grateful for any kind of help that they can get, you know you will be welcomed here. All arrangements are made to suit your availability.