University of Queensland – School of Medicine

July 23, 2013

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Located in Brisbane, Queensland, The University of Queensland School of Medicine is recognised as one of the four world class medical schools in Australia and is ranked highly internationally as well.


The school conducts a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, which is a 4-year, graduate-entry medical program that is carefully designed and planned to produce skilled doctors who are capable of meeting today’s global medical challenges. Their semester begins in the January of each year and the indicative annual tuition for the year 2014 is $57,760 AUD.

Surgeons in the operating theatreThe MBBS Program

 The 4-year MBBS program has been carefully planned to help students develop into highly-skilled medical graduates equipped to enter the wide variety of career options open to them around the world. There are two phases within the program. These two phases are designed as a curriculum spiral in which students repeat the study of the subject every year but each time in greater depth and at a higher level of difficulty.

Phase 1

The first two years – years 1 and 2 – make up Phase 1 of the program.

During this phase, students acquire a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for clinical practice. While the first phase focuses on the theory of medical practice, during the second year students begin with systematic preparation for clinical practice

Phase 2

The next two years – years 3 and 4 – constitute Phase 2 of the program.

During this time students obtain crucial clinical practice. This phase consists of 10 core clinical rotations, which provides a foundation on which students progress on to postgraduate training. At this time, students learn all the skills they need to enable them to work as interns in a hospital.

Problem based learning is a key component of this MBBS program. Students work together in small groups of 10 with a tutor. The individual groups examine different types of medical problems. Each of these problems are carefully chosen to emphasize different issues in health and disease. Contact with patients and exposure to clinical reasoning are incorporated early on in the training to develop higher levels of medical knowledge and clinical skills.


Entry Requirements for MBBS

MBBS (Direct Entry for Graduates): You need to have a minimum GPA of 5.00 in latest key degree, which could be a bachelor degree, postgraduate diploma, postgraduate honours, masters or PhD, and GAMSAT.

MBBS (Provisional Entry for School Leavers): You need to have OP 1/Rank 99 and UMAT. 

Every year the School of Medicine accepts about 550 student applications. Of these, 300 are from domestic applications. Rural background students and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students come under special admissions categories.


Proposed Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program at University of Queensland Medical School 

Subject to final approval, the University of Queensland is developing a 4-year MD program to replace the existing 4 year MBBS program. The proposed change is poised to come into effect from 2015.

To qualify for this program, you would need a minimum 3 year bachelor degree.