Tips on Applying for Medical School Finance

July 29, 2013

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If you are a medical student looking for some much needed financial support during your time in university, you are not alone. Almost every medical student will inevitably have some kind of financial difficulty, which could be brought on by a combination of several factors. Students in the UK are fortunate in that they can avail of substantial monetary support offered by various organisations. You can see some of the options HERE.

No matter which institute you are applying to, here are a few top tips on the best way to go about it to maximise your odds of being successful:

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Check Your Entitlement To Assistance 

The criteria and qualifications relating to financial support can be complicated and many students waste precious time submitting applications for assistance even when they are not eligible. The best way to avoid getting your application turned down simply because of being ineligible is to contact your national student support office to check your entitlement and only apply when you know what support you are eligible to receive.



While each funding organisation will have their own specific criteria and restrictions, in general, your application for assistance will be assessed according to:


Submit Your Application For Assistance As Early As Possible

Most student funding organisations accept applications from students as early as April for the year that you want to study. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it is that almost every prospective medical student will apply for funding. Don’t wait till the last date. Medical school is expensive and you will welcome the financial assistance. To increase your chances of success, submit an application as early as possible.

For whatever reason, if you decide to apply later rather than earlier, make sure you are aware of each organisation’s closing dates for accepting applications. A late submission may prevent you from receiving much needed support no matter how deserving you may be. 

If you are already enrolled as a medical student, and you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, seek help as early as possible . No matter how hard we hope that our bad debts will quietly go away, they won’t. It’s far better to be honest about the situation, confront the problem and get things sorted out so you can focus on your studies. Medical school is tough enough. You don’t need unnecessary financial pressures affecting your work or course performance.


Speak To The Medical School Faculty 

The faculty at your medical school are often the best resource to turn to when you are looking for help of any kind, including financial help. They can give you very useful advice as to which are the best places to look for funding, especially at the medical school itself.