Job Details & Qualifications For Becoming An Army Doctor In Australia

August 29, 2013

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Being an army doctor opens up yet another avenue that medical students can opt for. As a doctor in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, you can look forward to several unique professional opportunities under equally unique circumstances, all of which make for an exciting and tremendously fulfilling career as a Medical Officer.

Job Description Of An Army Doctor

Army doctors are responsible for the general physical and mental health of army personnel, so that they can operate at peak efficiency, whether it is in training or operational environments. They work in army hospitals and medical centres in diverse fields ranging from primary care, to population health and tropical medicine. As an army doctor, you can also expect to be deployed in support of combat, regional disaster relief, humanitarian or peacekeeping operations anywhere in the world.

Areas that you would need to specialise in as an Army doctor include occupational medicine, sports medicine, primary care, medical administration and public health medicine.

General Requirements for Joining the Army

Students on ward rounds at the Regional HospitalAge:

You have to be between 17 years and 60 years of age at the time of selection and entry.


According to the most current policyas of 2013, you need to have lived in Australia for the preceding 10 years or you need to have a checkable background for this period.  You will also need to obtain a security clearance before your application is accepted. This would involve a series of 

background checks and interviews where the relevant information is collected and your suitability for security clearance is assessed. 


As part of the application process for joining the Australian Defence Force, you will need to complete a series of aptitude tests. This would include spatial, verbal, general maths and a numerical ability test.

Medical & Physical Fitness:

Medical and physical fitness is a mandatory requirement for entry into the army. Various tests are done to assess your level of fitness. The first assessment involves filling in an extensive questionnaire that covers your medical history. This is followed by a physical examination and then a physical fitness test which you are required to successfully pass before you are appointed.

Qualifications for joining the army as a doctor

You need to meet these qualifying criteria if you are looking to be appointed as a Medical Officer in the Australian Army Reserve:

Salary & Allowances

The salaries are paid at a daily rate of pay which is completely tax-free.

Daily rate of pay while you are undergoing Initial Officer Training is A$105.71. As a Reserve Force Medical officer, that will go up to A$204 per day. Your salary will continue to increase based on your rank and the years of service completed in that rank.