Glasgow University Faculty of Medicine

October 18, 2013

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The Glasgow University Faculty of Medicine is the University of Glasgow’s medical school. It is one of the largest schools in Europe and offers a 5-year MBChB degree course. The school is famed for its powerful international research links and integrated learning approach. As per the 2014 Complete University Guide, it holds the 16th rank in the United Kingdom for medicine and as per the 2014 Guardian University Subject Guide, it in ranked in 24th place.


The School of Medicine offers integrated, systems-based, spiral-structured teaching. It involves all the current methods of medical teaching and includes Problem-Based learning, Lecture-Based learning and Case-Based learning.


The Curriculum Structure

The MBChB programme at the medical school is based on an integration of preclinical and clinical subjects. There is a strong focus on student-centred learning. The spiral course structure means that students revisit all the topics on different occasions as the programme progresses. Every time the topic is revisited, the depth of the topic intensifies and so does the clinical focus. The students are trained to become well-rounded professionals with the basic and potential knowledge that is a prerequisite to pursue any career in any medical speciality.


This program is also based around a vertical theme. This comprises of the basic principles of the medical field such as pathology, microbiology, physiology, clinical surgery and clinical medicine. The teaching methods include tutorials, lectures, practical laboratory sessions, clinical bedside teaching and problem-based learning. The programme is made up of 4 phases.

Students with their mentor at Chiang Mai Memorial Hospital Phase 1

This phase covers most of the first semester. It includes biomedical subjects as well as early vocational clinical skills. In this phase you will be taught the basics of biomedical science. In addition, you will also learn the skills that are required for self-directed learning.


Phase 2

This phase covers the second half of the first year and the entire second year. This system-based approach provides an integrated view to the concepts of medicine.


Preparing for a Caesarean Section operation in Tanzania Phase 3

This phase covers the first half of the third year. In this phase, you will be taught pathology basics, which covers one specialty every week. This is in combination with in-depth learning on surgery and medicine, clinical investigation, laboratory analysis, clinical biochemistry, microbiology and pathology. In this phase you are also required to complete an elective study on subjects of your choice.


Phase 4

This phase covers the second half of the third year and all of the forth and fifth years. This is the culmination of the program and you will be working in your chosen clinical specialties such as obstetrics and gynaecology, psychological medicine, child health, general practice etc. A large part of this phase will be spent working and learning in various hospitals in Glasgow as well as in the West of Scotland.


The Glasgow University Faculty of Medicine strives to impart its students with in-depth knowledge and training as well as a well-rounded approach to medicine.