Can I Afford To Become A Doctor?

October 21, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Medical school is expensive. There’s just no denying that and it’s not just the high tuition fees that have to be taken into account. Living and housing costs have to be factored in as well. When you add it all up, that total can become a major deterrent for many students considering a medical college education. 

Does that mean that if you do not have the necessary funds that is the end of the road in terms of pursuing your dream of becoming a doctor? Fortunately, there are options available. If you ask around, you will find that the majority of medical school students end up borrowing at least a part of the total required to finance their medical education.


Medical work experience student Stevie scrubbed up in the operating theatre in Chiang Mai, Thailand Explore Your Options

Here are a few options you should explore when it comes to finding the necessary funds for medical school.

Every student’s circumstances are different and you will have to see which solution works best for you. What you have to keep in mind is that a medical education is almost like an investment. In the long-term, it pays for itself. Be proactive and investigate all the potential financing options when you are submitting the medical school applications.

Some possible solutions Include:


Get Your Maths Right

There are numerous online calculators that can help you quickly calculate what your expected family contribution will be. Once that has been determined, communicate with the medical college’s financial aid office. They will be able to give you a certain estimate for a need-based award. This is extremely important when you are deciding between schools.

Becoming a doctor is a lengthy, difficult and expensive route. Research all your options carefully; seek guidance from those in the profession as well as from financial aid officers. Understand which loans are available and how they work and look for private and government scholarships. This will help you make a well-considered decision about your future as a doctor.