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October 25, 2013

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If you are considering gaining acceptance into a good medical school, there are several things you have to take into consideration, from your high school grades and your MCAT scores to any internship you may have done or any volunteering that you engaged in.  Remember, when filling in your application, every little detail can make a difference. 

Some solid work experience can strengthen your application and have a tremendous influence on the impact it creates with the interviewers. One good way to gain work experience is to work at a community center or at a medical facility (if possible) in the summer before medical school begins. You will find that a large number of applicants will have completed some kind of internship, either in the months leading up to the admissions or during a gap year. 

With everyone climbing onto the internship bandwagon, one way to get an edge over the competition is to consider an overseas medical internship. This will bring in a very unique angle to your school/graduate level experience and will provide you that edge you need. 

Gap Medics students in the operating theatre at Maharaj Hospital in Thailand.

Medical Internships Help You Grow & Develop Professionally And Personally

You get a completely different work experience when you intern in any foreign country. In many third world countries, the healthcare resources that are available are just not enough to meet the needs of the sick and ailing. Moreover, whatever health care is available is nothing like the advanced facilities you see in the US. When you volunteer to go to these countries on an internship, you gain invaluable experience from the exposure to a different culture and a whole new way of dispensing health care, whether you are interested in midwifery, orthopedics, internal medicine or infectious diseases.  

Doing an internship also gives you the opportunity to explore your interests and also develop some purpose for your future as a doctor. It helps you determine whether or not this is a career that you would like to pursue for the rest of your life. 

Besides the professional growth that you will experience, doing a medical internship overseas helps you grow as a person and the opportunity to travel adds a whole other dimension to this whole undertaking.  


Gap Medics

One of the best ways to do this is to enroll in one of the Gap Medics’ internships programs. We have been sending medical students overseas to various internship programs for several years. All the volunteers and participants receive extensive support from the professional, full-time staff and safety is prioritized. The experience is truly worthwhile and fun. You come away with an unforgettable experience that will add weightage to your medical school application.