Flinders Medical School

October 28, 2013

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The Flinders Medical School was the first Australian medical school to develop a 4-year graduate-entry as an alternative to other traditional 5 to 6 year courses. Today, the majority of Medical Schools in Australia and many around the world have also changed over to graduate-entry. 

Undergraduate Entry Application

The term undergraduate refers to your first diploma or degree. 

You can qualify for the undergraduate curse via several different means, including

These are accompanied by bonus points, special entry and guaranteed entry schemes. 

Admission to any of these courses is restricted by quota limitations and is typically based on academic merit, which is determined by evaluating the applicant’s qualifications. 

Program Overview

The MD or Doctor of Medicine program runs over four years. During the first and second years, all medicals students are based at the Flinders University campus in the Northern Territory or in Adelaide. For the clinical rotations of the third and fourth years, students have the option to choose from several different locations primarily in the Northern Territory or in South Australia. 

The three major themes integrated into all 4 years include: 

1 – Knowledge of Health and Illness: This covers the knowledge of the structure, development and function of the normal human being, knowledge of the causes and consequences of abnormal development, disease and injury and evidence based strategies for treating and preventing diseases. 

2 – Doctor and Patient: Here you will learn all the skills that are necessary for effective interaction between patients and doctors. This includes practical communication skills, examination skills and clinical procedural skills. 

3 – Health Professions and Society: This theme goes beyond just health and the individual patient and takes into consideration health and illness in the wider context of family, community, cultural group and socio-economic influences. It focuses on the ethical and legal frameworks that define medical practice on the whole. 


Learning Medicine At Flinders

Flinders Medical School offers students a collaborative learning environment where team work is strongly emphasized. This is facilitated in several different ways. Developing hands-on clinical skills is emphasized right from week one of the program where students build their clinical skills using simulation laboratories under the tutelage of highly experienced staff.  Students also have several other options for gaining clinical experience in a variety of settings, including hands-on involvement in patient care. 

Students in years 3 and 4 can choose from a wide range of clinical experiences, from traditional rotations in big hospitals and single rotations or year-long attachment in health care delivery in any rural or remote community to electives almost any place in the world.