What You Should Know About The BMAT & The UKCAT Test

November 4, 2013

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When you apply for admission to a medical college you are required to appear for specific qualifying tests. Two such tests are the BMAT and the UKCAT tests. The scores of these tests are used to a certain degree in the selection process by numerous UK medical.



The UKCAT or the Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by numerous UK medical & dental schools. It is a way of selecting from high-level applicants who want to enrol in their medical institutions. This test does not aim to examine academic achievement – it is a test to determine the applicant’s aptitude. The test is designed to assess a broad range of behavioural attributes and mental abilities that are considered to be essential for doctors and dentists. It does not require any type of preparation or coaching.


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Before applying to any medical college, one of the things you should do is to check with them whether the UKCAT is a part of their application process. The UCAS website has a list of colleges and universities that require you to take this test. This information is also available at the universities themselves.

This test can be taken at different centres across the world. There are registration & test fees for the test. The fees vary depending on the location of the test centre. For more information on updated fee costs, check the UKCAT website.



The BMAT or the BioMedical Admissions Test is another aptitude test that is used as part of admission procedures for various fields of medicine, biomedical sciences or veterinary medicine by some universities in the U.K.

Earlier, the grades from the MVAT or the Medical and veterinary Sciences Admissions Test were considered for the applications. It was only over the past few years that the BMAT has become a part of the medical school application process.


The Test Specifics

This test is usually conducted every year at the start of November and the results are announced towards the end of the month. Along with the results and certificate, students receive an explanation about their performance. A student who receives a score of 5 is awarded an average grade while 6 is considered to be an extremely competitive score. 


Application Requirements 

Not all colleges require you to take the BMAT and you will have to check the application requirements for the colleges you are applying to. You will be able to find information about the colleges on the UCAS website. They maintain a comprehensive list of colleges and universities and the application requirements. The BMAT site has all information you need on the latest costs.

As far as preparing for the test in concerned, the BMAT is a 2 hour long written test that covers 3 sections. No excessive extra study is required and the candidate’s current knowledge and skills are generally more than enough to take this test. You can get complete information about this test on the BMAT website.

The focal point of both these tests is exploring cognitive abilities of the candidates. It also tests other attributes that are valuable for healthcare professionals. The test is bias free and culturally fair and students from various countries appear for it.