Seven Year Medical Programs

November 7, 2013

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Seven year medical programs or accelerated programs are special degree programs offered by a few colleges in the US. Also known as BS/MD programs, they allow you to get your bachelor’s degree and your MD in only 7 years, instead of the normal 8 years.

Seven year medical programs usually offer guaranteed admission to medical school after your third year of college, provided you meet certain academic standards. After the 3 years of college, you go straight on to complete the normal 4 years of medical school and those medical school programs apply toward both your bachelor’s degree as well as your MD.

A Gap Medics student observing surgery in Tanzania With the opportunity to shave one year off the total number of school years, it’s not surprising that these programs have become increasingly more popular among pre-med students. Along with the surge in popularity, these programs have also become more competitive. After all, a year less in med school means tremendous savings in time and money and nobody can argue about that.

The application process to these courses is considerably more difficult than the application process to a regular undergraduate program. You stand a better chance of getting accepted if you have a strong GPA. The same guidelines for applying to medical school can be used when applying to a seven year program. Your application and personal statement will be evaluated and you will be called for an interview 

Tempting as they may sound, accelerated medical programs are not for everyone. These programs are intense and involve tremendous persistence and hard work – you will be packing in a 4-year course into 3 years. It is advisable to apply for such a course if you are not sure about your level of commitment and your ability to do well under pressure. If you have any doubt, it is advisable to first take some time off to engage in a few days of doctor shadowing or to do a medical placement to see how you fare and how you feel about working under pressure.   

Few Colleges in the US that Offer Accelerated Medical School Programs

These are a few colleges in the US that offer accelerated and combined BS/MD programs. Some of the medical schools mentioned below have associated with other universities to offer the program: