Why Are Internships So Important For High School Students?

November 16, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Interning is one of the best ways students gain some experience and begin making contacts within their chosen field. Though most internships are given to college students, more and more opportunities are now available for high school students who are looking to obtain some valuable work experience. So why exactly does it help to intern in high school? 

Antenatal care in obstetrics and gynaecology Where Can You Find A Medical Internship?

There are several hospitals and healthcare organisations that offer internship programs that are designed specifically for high school students. Generally, these programs are for students from the same region. Check out the websites of the various hospitals and healthcare establishments in and around your region. If you cannot find the necessary information, call and ask if there are any opportunities.  

Just as you will find internships with the larger medical establishments in urban areas, you will also find smaller medical organisations that offer some kind of internship program in rural areas. Check what is available in the community you live in. If you absolutely cannot find anything listed, you still have one more avenue.  Get in touch with the human resources department manager or a representative and send them an email asking if there is some way you can get an internship organised through them.

How To Apply For An Internship

Healthcare or medical establishments that have formal internship programs will generally have some specific procedures outlined on their official website for those interested in their internship program. 

If you are trying to create an opportunity for yourself, draw out a single page resume that highlights your education, skills and interests. Add a cover letter that explains why you are interested in doing an internship in that particular organisation and send it to the HR department.

Every internship program will demand different qualifications and have varying parameters. Read all the information carefully and apply at places that offer you the opportunities in fields that you are interested in.