What It Is Like To Be A Doctor In The US Navy

November 22, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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As a medical professional in the US Navy you will be part of a vast care giving network that works hard behind the scenes to support the diverse needs of Navy service members and their families. During the course of your work you get to utilize the latest technology in high-tech facilities such as a national naval hospital.

The medical professionals are typically part of any one of the four Corps units of the Navy:

  1. Medical Corps – Physicians: As a Navy physician, you will be entitled to first rate benefits and generous incentives. More importantly, you get to pursue your true passion for helping others and focus on the finer points of medicine without stressing about the business and financial aspects of managing your own private practice. You can also choose to future your expertise by choosing from among thirty different specialty and sub-specialty areas. 
  2. Dental Corps – Dentists: Dentists in the US Navy enjoy the benefits of limitless career advancement opportunities amidst excellent benefits, generous educational incentives and a work class practice.
  3. Nurse Corps – Nurses: In no other healthcare establishment will you get such an elevated role as a nurse in the US Navy. You will do everything a civilian nurse would do but as a full member of the navy Health Care team and an Officer of equal standing as a Navy Nurse. You can consider a position in various clinical areas while taking advantage of unparalleled perks, very generous educational incentives and a top-notch practice.
  4. Medical Service Corps – Specialists: As part of the Medical Service Corps you will be part of a highly diversified group of medical professionals from more than 20 different specialties, some of whom interact directly with patients and others who work to offer support behind the scenes.

Getting ready to observe a delivery at Morogoro Hospital, Tanzania Administrative & Medical Support Roles

In the world of Navy healthcare, administration and medical support are just as vital as those who offer direct medical care.

Those working in the Navy healthcare administration do a complex job of ensuring that systems are in place to maintain the health of Navy and Marine service members and their families. They also contribute to global humanitarian relief efforts, organizing and managing projects that are varied and have their own unique challenges.

Medical professionals working in medical support serve a diverse and crucial role, providing support across almost all medical fields, from offering surgical assistance and constructing dental crowns to delivering emergency care and preventive care.

Health Care Research Facilities

For anyone who is passionate about science and research, the Navy Medical Corps offers cutting edge facilities in 11 exciting and challenging research specialties, including microbiology and aerospace physiology. The benefits for those in research are many – from unmatched funding and support to getting to use technology and equipment that anyone in the private sector would never even know about.