Becoming A Flying Doctor With The Royal Flying Doctor Service

November 27, 2013

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If you like the idea of flying off to remote locations providing emergency medical care for communities that are far cut off from any regular medical facility, then you should consider a job with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The RFDs employs about 800 employees nationwide with each of their 21 bases having a staff strength that varies between about 20 to 150.

All potential employees who wish to work with the RFDS have to undergo a stringent recruitment and selection process that is aimed at identifying the most suitable candidate for the role.

Selection Procedure For The RFDS

In the first stage of the selection process, applicants are short listed for the interview based on whether or not their application letter and resume meet the criteria for that particular vacancy. Short listed candidates are invited to an interview, which could be either face to face or by phone. The interview is generally conducted by a panel of interviewers. It is rarely conducted by an individual interviewer.

The interview questions that you can expect to be answered are typically based on the selection criteria specified for that particular position. These questions could range from technical topics to competency based queries.

In most cases, applicants can expect to go through multiple interviews as they go through the recruitment process. After the interviews have taken place, the shortlisted candidate will be required to provide all the necessary supporting documentation and licenses as well as references.

Selection is strictly based on merit and the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and is subject to satisfactory results from all other relevant checks such as medical screening, drug/alcohol testing and criminal history checks. All the information gathered from your application, interviews and the various screenings and checks are taking into account and form an integral part of the selection process. 

Successful applicants first receive a verbal offer from the interview authorities. This is then followed up with a formal letter of employment, which outlines the terms and conditions of employment.

Orientation of New Employees & Probationary/Qualifying Period

It is mandatory for all newly appointed employees to participate in an orientation program which is held through the qualifying/probationary period. Orientation is considered to be incomplete until such time that the newly appointed employee has managed to successfully integrate into the demands of the job and is capable of carrying out their tasks at acceptable productivity levels. During the probationary period, employees are given feedback in regards to their performance. Before the end of the probationary period, another performance review is conducted by the Line Manager in order to determine suitability for on-going employment.

Your Legacy

There is no doubt that if it were not for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, living, travelling or working in  the vast outback of Australia would present even more challenges — some ending in tragedy. Working with the RFDS allows you to make a more positive impacting on the remote and rural people and communities across Australia.