Navy Healthcare Careers – Nurse

November 27, 2013

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In the Navy Nurse Corps, you will have the honor of serving your country by rendering medical assistance not only to those in the military and their families but also to people in desperate need of help around the globe.

Students with their mentor on the labour ward Job Description

As a Navy Nurse, you will provide high-quality nursing care for Sailors, Marines and service members and their families, where and when duty calls. While the circumstances may be different, you would do everything a typical nurse would do in a civilian environment from checking vitals and managing triages to treating wounds, lifting spirits and restoring hope in the sick and the wounded.

As an Officer in the Navy Nurse Corps you will find a world of challenging opportunities including:

In addition to working stateside with military personnel and their families, you would also engage in humanitarian relief efforts and outreach programs at home or abroad, wherever these are needed. This could range from providing emergency care to victims of deadly natural disasters to administering infant vaccinations to the children of third world countries. During these programs, you would collaborate with physicians, fellow nurses, surgeons and other medical specialists from around the world.

Nursing Specialties

Navy Nursing offers an extensive scope of career opportunities. You can focus on any of several sought-after practice areas, including:

Exceptional scholarship opportunities mean you could have the opportunity to potentially graduate debt-free from nursing school. This will allow you to focus on your studies rather than worrying about how to pay for school. In addition, you can expect a manageable workload as well as guaranteed vacations and generous incentives.

Over and above everything, the experience you will get will be unrivaled. You will attain skills you can take anywhere and with the specialty training and continuing postgraduate education opportunities, you will be able to maintain a competitive edge at any civilian placement.


To be eligible for Active Duty in the Navy Nurse Corps, there are certain qualifications that you will have to meet:

As a respected nursing professional and healer of body, mind and spirit, there’s no exaggerating the significance of the role you’ll serve as a nurse in the US Navy.