Finding The Right Balance As A Medical Student

December 3, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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As a medical student, you will often hear a lot of suggestions about finding the right work-life balance. While there’s no arguing against this advice, the real truth is there is no one way or one technique that everybody can use to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Everyone is different and even with the same person, needs change over time as personal and work commitments progress and evolve.

Observing surgery on a Gap Medics Medical Work Experience placement in Tanzania First identify the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving this balance

As a first year medical student you may find yourself facing specific obstacles that may not be an issue as you progress through the year. However, those hindrances may be replaced with others. In the first year, adapting to a new learning environment, lack of time available to indulge in previously enjoyable non-medical activities can prove to be hugely overwhelming. As you move into the second year, it could be the persistent curricular stress and sleep deprivation that add to your existing stress. You may find yourself over-committing professionally, which leaves you even less time to relax or to even think of any social life.

Some or all of these factors can combine and stop you from achieving an optimum balance between your social life and medical studies.

Strategies for attaining the proper work-life balance

Developing habits that will help you attain a life-work balance while you are a med student will help you greatly as you graduate from med school and start practicing. The best way to set achievable, realistic goals is by starting small and then gradually building on the strategies that are important and which work for you at your particular stage in life.