Studying Medicine In Two Continents: The US & Australia

December 3, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia has entered into a partnership with Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans in the United States to offer medical students the unique opportunity to be part of a truly global medical school experience. Through this innovative medical school program, students from Australia and the United States can experience the benefits of both, a world class Australian university and a world class American healthcare organization.

Any student who wishes to join the program will be required to meet the current MBBS entry requirements. Thos who qualify and are granted admission will spend the first 2 years of the MBBS program in Brisbane at The University of Queensland and the next 2 years of the program are then spent in New Orleans within the Ochsner Health System.

Gap Medics pre-midwifery student with newborn baby in hospital in Tanzania Ochsner Clinical School has a comprehensive, multi-dimensional system that provides students with experiences across the entire range of healthcare and medical practice. At this modern med school, students will have the opportunity to learn in a fully integrated health system that includes a large multi-specialty practice with more than 600 physicians. 

In addition to current clinical requirements, the curriculum at the Ochsner Clinical School will include a range of unique components related to cutting-edge treatment techniques such as robotic surgery.

Students also have the option of joining the research program at the University -of Queensland. This is a highly reputed program that utilizes the most up-to-date methodologies from cellular and molecular to epidemiology and clinical practice.  

The Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Program

As an independent establishment, the University of Queensland (UQ) offers students a 4-year graduate entry medical program, the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The curriculum has been specially planned to be all-inclusive so students who graduate are qualified to apply for a wide variety of career options open to them. By partnering with Ochsner Clinical School, this program has extended to offer 2 years of study in Brisbane and 2 years in New Orleans.

Admission Requirements & Procedure

Students who apply should have answered their MCAT in a single sitting within 3 years of the start of classes. 

This joint program offers a system of rolling admissions where seats are given to students who meet the admission requirements on a first come first served basis. Students who are interested in registering for this program are advised to submit their applications as early as possible. There is no application fee for students. All applications sent to Brisbane for assessment and admission decisions are made in approximately 8 weeks after the application has been submitted. Students are notified about the admission decision by email.

If you wish to apply for the program but you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree, you can send in your application. If your application is favorably reviewed, you could be granted conditional admission subject to successful completion of your Batchelor’s degree.