Tips For Finding A Healthcare Scholarship

December 3, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Most universities and colleges offer some sort of scholarship for deserving students. If you are looking for scholarships to help with your medical school fees, you will have to go about your search in a methodical manner.

Research the right schools

The one good way of searching for scholarships is to narrow down that list and include only the schools that you are really interested in and then find out what kind of financial aid and awards they offer. Most of the scholarships offered by nonprofits and corporations will demand very detailed information about all your academic plans. It is important to decide where you would like to apply before you actually go full steam ahead with your scholarship search.

Gap Medics student on hospital work experience in Iringa, Tanzania, with Gap Medics. Look for scholarships

There are several private companies and organizations that offer scholarships for the Bachelors and advanced degrees. Here are a few types of organizations that you can look into:

Check their criteria

There will usually be a huge variation in scholarship criteria from one organization to the other. Some scholarships are regional and will be designated for students from a certain county or state. On the other hand, some scholarships will be reserved for students who want to pursue specific careers. Schools and organizations might offer scholarships to students who meet the criteria that have been outlined by them. This could include:

These are just some of the categories. Here are some scholarships that you can check on. It will be a good start and will also give you an idea about how the system works:

When looking for a scholarship, the most important thing is to apply to all the scholarships you are eligible for, while making sure you complete your application meticulously and double-checking all the scholarship requirements before applying.