What You Should Know About Applying to A U.S. College As An International Student

December 3, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Given the high reputation that American colleges and medical schools enjoy, it’s no surprise that the US has the largest number of international students in the world, with statistics putting the number at approximately 700,000 from various countries.

Most American colleges and medical schools accept international students but it’s not easy as there are several formalities and qualifying tests that you will have to go through before you can gain admission. As an international student applying to med school in the US, there are several decisions you will have to make based on various considerations.

Medical work experience students in Tanzania Cost of tuition

The tuition fees are the first factor you will need to look into. Med school tuition fees are high in the US across the board but you may find that some schools are simply too expensive to afford especially as you may not be eligible for some of the student loans that other American students may be able to avail of. In addition to the tuition fees, you will also have to add the application fee, travel, room, board and other housing expenses as well as the cost of books, course materials, academic entrance exams, personal expenses and the cost of health insurance as well.

Where to start

Expect to take a considerable amount of time when trying to find the right medical school. The best way to start is to first make a list of all the possible options and do methodical research on each of the schools. Check out what each of them has to offer and if it meets your professional and personal requirements in terms of curriculum, teaching style, class size, student life activities, student housing and financial aid options.  You can find most of the information online and what you cannot find online you can obtain by requesting materials by mail. Most schools have an international student services office and will oblige.  The international student office will also extend assistance with any other issue that you require help with.

International admission requirements

When you apply to an American medical school you can expect to be held to the same academic standard as other applicants who are US citizens. Some of the documentation that you may be required to provide along with your application is the list of courses you’ve completed, your academic transcripts and degrees earned. In addition, as an international student you may also need to complete the standard American university application, which includes writing requirements. Some schools may ask for proof to show that you can afford to pay their tuition fees and other school expenses.

International student visas

If you are planning on studying in an American medical school you will have to first obtain a student visa. Different embassies and consulates establish their own rules and procedures regarding student visas. These rules and procedures are subject to change depending on different circumstances. You will have to contact the US embassy in the UK for specific instructions and procedures.