10 Things To Do In Liberec

December 6, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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The town of Liberec in the Czech Republic offers some unusual sightseeing opportunities. If you are planning on doing a medical placement in the Czech Republic with Gap Medics, here are 10 things you should put on your must-see list.

1 TV Transmitter And Mountain Hotel Ještěd

Take a trip to the top of the 1012 metre-high Ještěd ridge. At the very top lies the remarkable TV tower containing a mountain hotel, visible from miles around. Winner of the prestigious Perret Prize for architecture, this building is a symbol of the city of Liberec and is considered as one of the major landmarks of northern Bohemia. Ještěd provides a magnificent panorama and is an attractive destination for tourists and holiday-makers all through the year. The conditions are excellent for hang-gliding enthusiasts in the summer, and come winter, the well-maintained ski jumps, ski lifts and downhill pistes as well as the regularly staged races make this the go-to place for winter sport fans.

2 Museum of North Bohemia Liberec

Built in 1873, this is one of the oldest cultural establishments in the city. The historical exhibition in the museum charts the history of Northern Bohemia from the earliest settlements onwards.  You can also see an impressive collection of unique mechanical musical instruments that are mostly fully functional.

3 Town Hall

Designed by the Viennese architect F. Neumann and built between 1888 and 1893, this Neo-Renaissance structure is unarguably among the most striking buildings in the city. Highlights include the stunning stained glass windows, the 65-metre high tower and the spectacular interior – superb examples of the craftsmanship of the locals. The basement of the building houses a restaurant and a wine bar.

4 Centrum Babylon 

The Centrum Babylon is the place to go to for a day of endless fun. This is the largest indoor entertainment complex in the Czech Republic and has an amusement park, a water park, bowling alley, iQpark, casino, discothèque and shopping mall all under one roof.

5 Zoo Liberec

The Zoo Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic and is committed to breeding rare and endangered wild animals including white tigers and the extremely rare golden takin. A visit to the zoo isn’t expensive at all and can make for a very unusual day as you get a close up view of several different species of endangered animals.  

6 Botanical Garden 

The botanical garden is located just next to the Zoo Liberec and is worth a visit. Here you will find some very rare flora including the longest tended bonsai in Europe, the oldest camellias in Europe and a collection of year-round blooming orchids and carnivorous plants. The aquariums and terrariums make for an interesting visit. 

7 Regional Gallery

The Regional Gallery houses an impressive and unusual collection of 7th century Dutch paintings and 19th century French paintings. The largest part of the gallery is home of Czech art of the 20th century. The building itself is a Neo-Renaissance Villa and is worth the visit.

8 Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of the Holy Cross is considered to be one of the most magnificent Baroque buildings in Liberec. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior and draws visitors all year round.

9 Valdshtein houses

Across the Sokolov square is a very narrow lane in a corner of the square, from where you can see the three oldest townhouses of the city. Built between 1678 and 1681, these houses are a good example of the former local architecture that involved only the use of timber frames. During that time, no stones were used in constructing the homes. 

10 Liberec Castle

Built between 1582 and 1587, the Liberec Castle was one of the first stone structures in Liberec. Although it has undergone numerous alterations especially after the fire in 1615, it still retains much of its earlier glory and is definitely worth a visit.