4 Things You Should Never Have To Say At Your Med School Interview

December 6, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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When looking for medical school interview advice you will come across plenty of advice on what you should say and do to impress the interviewing authority but what about the things you shouldn’t say or do?  There are certain things that may sound harmless but could actually sound the death knell on your chances of obtaining admission into med school.

Here are 4 things you should never have to say at your med school interview:

Taking a patients blood pressure at Morogoro Hospital in Tanzania 1. I’m sorry I’m late

There’s absolutely no excuse for being late for your interview. If you find yourself apologising for being late, you may as well kiss your admission goodbye. From the interviewer’s point of view, if you cannot be trusted to make it on time for something a important as an interview, how can you be trusted to make it on time when there is a medical emergency? Med school authorities want to know that you are reliable and that you will pull through no matter what and this is your very first opportunity to show them that you can be relied. To have to apologise for being late is inexcusable.

2. I’m not too sure about the subjects you offer but thought I’d apply and try my luck

If you are trying to impress the interviewers with your honesty you will have achieved your goal but it will cost you your seat in medical school. School authorities look for students who have submitted their application only after having taken the trouble to find out what is on offer as it shows you are genuinely interested in that particular school. They do not want students who have put in their application ‘just for the heck of it’ to ‘to try out their luck’. To not have taken a few minutes to browse through the school website and explore the curriculum, the facilities and the environment in the school speaks of a distinct lack of interest that is unacceptable.

3. I actually wanted to apply to Oxford medical school but did not manage to get admission

Nobody wants to be thought of as second best and certainly not the interviewers who are individuals who have chosen to be a part of that particular school. Even if is true that this school is your second or even your third or fourth choice, there’s no need to announce it. The only way to increase your chances of getting admission into any med school is to project interest in the medical school you are interviewing with.

4. I’m sorry I’m not quite all there today. I was celebrating and the party went on far too late into the night

That’s the lamest excuse you can give for going to the interview looking dishevelled or hung over. You knew you had an interview this morning. Leaving the party early so you could make it for the interview looking smart and alert shows maturity and responsibility, which is what the school authorities are looking for in their students. They do not want to admit party animals who does not recognise their limitations and do not know when to stop.