Is It Really Worth Doing An Internship?

December 6, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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There is a lot that goes into preparing for any future career and if you’ve chosen a career in medicine, preparing for it can be even more challenging. For new graduates who wish to gain some insights into the medical filed it is a good idea to take up an internship.

Many students hesitate when it comes to internships as you do not get paid during this time but you have to remember that you in fact still a student and at this point, learning and gaining experience is all-important.

Keep the monetary aspect aside and take a look at the many benefits that internship offers

Students Hollie and Emily with their mentor in Obstetrics You get relevant work experience – If you have planned on embarking upon a medical career, working as an intern in the healthcare domain will help you gain relevant work experience. Not only will it give you a better idea about how the industry functions but you will also get crucial hands-on experience that will give you the exposure you need.

You learn and develop new skills – An internship can help you broaden your horizons and diversify your background and experience. Adding practical skills to your academic knowledge can give you the edge over the competition when it comes to getting admission in medical school. 

It helps you build confidence – As a college graduate the only exposure you have is to medicine is theoretical. This does not do much to instil the confidence you need to work in a demanding medical school environment. An internship gives you the experience that can help you build your confidence.

It helps you expand your network of professionals – Working with professionals from within the field allows you to tap into a valuable network that can offer advice, references and information about new job opportunities.

It adds muscle to your personal statement – Every candidate who applies to medical school has to meet the basic requirement in terms of qualifications and having some experience under your belt can give you that sliver of advantage that can help you get through a medical school interview. It adds some much-needed muscle to your personal statement.

It helps you make an educated choice– This is a very important benefit of completing an internship. You might have decided to that you want to pursue a career in medicine but there are certain attributes that are required to become a doctor. When you work in the medical field, it will give you the chance to figure out whether you are cut-out to be a doctor and whether it suits your mentality and your personality.

At the end of the day, it is very important for you to know and understand your chosen field better and the best way to do this is by doing an internship in the field you want to join. When you finally put in your application for admission to a medical school, you will be more confident and sure of your career choice, thanks to the internship you opted for.