You’ve Got Admission Into Medical School? Make sure you make the best of the opportunity

December 6, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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You’ve gone through the long, challenging process of getting into medical school and you’ve succeeded. Now comes your next challenge, not just surviving medical school but making the best of this opportunity. Medical school is tough and you will need to dig deep and use all your resources to keep from drowning from the overload of academics and activities. These few tips will help you find that fine line between studying and enjoying student life in medical school while making the best of this opportunity.

Entertaining in the paediatrics department! Enjoy your first two years

The first two years of medical school will be spent mainly in the classroom getting familiar with basic concepts of medicine as opposed to the hospital floors. During this time you do not go through any major measured performances that will affect your final degree reflect how you will perform during real-time patient care. What this means is you have two years to absorb as much as you can in a relatively non-pressured environment. While you will want to stay on top of your academics and make sure you pass all your tests, this is not the time to get unnecessarily stressed. You’ll have plenty of time to stress in years 3 and 4.

If you do not maintain a balance between work and play during your first two years, you run a higher risk of getting burnt out during the next two years.   

Explore different possibilities and opportunities

Don’t restrict your learning to only what’s being taught in the lecture rooms and during clinical rotations. It is just as important to explore different aspects of medicines so that you can get a better insight into where you really want to go next in your career and what you need to do to get there. Today there is an ever-increasing number of specialties being created to keep up with the huge advancements being made in medicine and technology. With so many incredible opportunities available for students who graduate from medical school, you should not limit yourself to pursuing only mainstream medicine. Explore beyond your immediate surroundings. Read the latest news and keep your mind open to new ideas and opportunities.

Stay flexible

The world of medicine continues to change and evolve as research and studies continue to be done. Throughout your career in medicine, and starting now when you are a med student you have to be prepared to learn new concepts, keep up with the changes and if need be, ditch old theories for something new and totally different. A good physician is one who is flexible and can adapt to the continuously changing medical scenarios.  

The patient should always come first

It’s very easy to get swayed by everything that’s going on and overlook the one reason why you chose to be a doctor in the first place – to care for others. Keep that passion for patient care foremost in your mind at all times and you will find that everything else will fall in place.