An Insight Into the Top 5 Psychology Careers

December 20, 2013

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If you love to delve into the science of mental health, psychology can be an exciting specialty to major in. This is a vast specialty though and exploring what the different areas of psychology can give you a better idea of the career options available to you after you graduate. It also pays to keep in mind that with the increased competition brought on by the economic downturn, it pays to carefully consider your options and select a field that is in high demand.

These are some of the psychology-related specialties that have an excellent projected job outlook over the next few years.

1. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

This is amongst the higher paid psychology specialties. Industrial-organizational psychologists focus on workplace behavior, aiming to increase worker productivity and select employees that are best suited for specific jobs. There are a number of specialty areas within this psychology specialty. You could focus on training and evaluation exiting employees or you assess job candidates. While there are a few job opportunities at the master’s-degree level, if you have a doctoral-level degree in industrial-organizational psychology, you can expect to be in greater demand and command a significantly higher salary.

Average Salary for an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist is $97,820

In surgery2. Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychology is the single largest employment area within psychology. Clinical psychologists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat clients suffering from various psychological disorders. These professionals typically work in mental health clinics or hospital settings or they have their own private practices. Most states require that you have a doctoral-level degree in clinical psychology and a minimum of a one-year internship to practice in this specialty.

Average Salary for a Clinical Psychologist is $81,100

3. Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologists receive training in the psychological aspects of sports and athletics. The two major areas within sports psychology deal with helping athletes improve their performance or using sports to enhance physical and mental health. Sports psychologists work in a wide variety of settings ranging from athletic centers, hospitals and universities to private consulting practices and research facilities. 

Average Salary for a Sports Psychologist is $45,000 to $80,000

Doctors outpatient consulting room in Jodhpur, India 4. Genetics Counselor

Genetics counselors help provide information about genetic disorders to couples and families. These professionals typically have graduate training in both genetics as well as counseling, and many have undergraduate degrees in areas such as nursing, psychology, biology, public health and social work..

Average salary for a Genetics Counselor is $71,100

5. Engineering Psychologist 

Engineering psychologists focus on investigating the interaction between people and machines and other technology. These specialists use their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help design and improve consumer products, technology, living environments and work settings. For example, if you specialize in engineering psychologist, you might work as part of a team to redesign a product to make it more efficient and easier to use.

Average Salary for an Engineering Psychologist is $79,818