You CAN Be An ‘A’ Student – 3 Tips To Help You

December 23, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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You want to be an ‘A’ student but somehow that goal just seems to elude you. You have no doubts about your intellectual abilities and you put in several hours of study but you just cannot seem to make the grade for some reason. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at what you are doing wrong and take steps to change it.

Studies that have been done have shown that more often than not, students who struggle to get A grades do so not because of any lack of understanding or lack of intellectual ability but because of a lack of knowledge on how to study. While there is no doubt that every student has their own individual study style, these few tips will help you make the best of your study time and will help lift you from being a ‘C’ grade student to an ‘A’ grader.

Students working on the paediatrics ward at Morogoro Hospital Tip #1 – Study every single day

It sounds so simple and yet it is surprising how many medical students overlook the importance of studying every single day. In medical school the portion is very vast and every day you learn something new. If you just attend lectures and don’t bother to revise the day’s lesson after the school day, all of that studying will just pile up and you will find it overwhelming come exam time. The brain can take in only so much information in one day. If you attempt to catch up with everything by just cramming it over a day or two, the brain will find it impossible to retain it all. Spreading out your studies into little every day chunks makes it easier to retain the information. Do yourself a favour and study every day – your grades will be higher and your stress levels lower.    

Tip #2 – Finish your homework as early as possible

Your homework is due one week from the day it is assigned. Should you attempt it on the 1st day or on the 6th day? Even if you know that it will take you just one day to finish it, the earlier you start the better and the 1st day works best of all. The reason behind this is if you have any doubts you will realize it on the 1st day itself and you have enough time to ask your professor and get it clarified. If you wait for the last day to get clarifications on how to answer a particular question, you may just run out of time and your homework will be incomplete. 

Tip #3 – Make or join a study group

Studying in a group is so much more efficient and offers several advantages. When you study in a group you can seek explanations on things you may not have understood in the class. You can quiz each other on the topics covered in the classroom and keep each other accountable when it comes to turning in work within the deadlines. Forgot to make a note of something your professor asked you to? When you belong to a study group, it is easy to get those notes from your study friends. A study group can liven things up and make studying fun while also making sure that you do not miss a thing.