Studying Aviation Medicine in the UK

December 30, 2013

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The only MSc programme in Aviation Medicine offered by Kings College, London is the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom. The aim of this program is to provide physicians with comprehensive theoretical and practical training in clinical and operational aviation medicine and advanced aviation psychology, physiology, pathology as well as the knowledge and skills required to conduct research in the topic.

DSC_0005.jpeg Core programme content

The core content covered in the Masters in Aviation programme include: 

The didactic instruction is provided largely by practising specialists in operational and clinical aviation medicine, aviation psychology and aviation physiology. The practical instruction includes visits to active national civilian and military centres of aviation medicine.

Programme Entry Requirements

To qualify for the Kings College MSc programme in Aviation Medicine you must have a medical degree from an approved university and you must have a medical certificate declaring that you are physically fit to participate in the unique practical work involved in the programme including decompression to altitude, exposure to sustained accelerations and exposure to unusual sea and land survival conditions is required.

How to apply for the programme

Kings College only accepts online applications to its postgraduate programme in aviation medicine. They do not accept paper copies of the postgraduate application form. If for some reason you are unable to access the online postgraduate application form, you will need to seek advice on how to proceed by contacting the admissions office at King’s directly. After registering and applying through the online application form, you can then check the status of the application through their website. 

Along with the application form you will have to provide a few supporting documents. These include a personal statement of your experience in general clinical medicine and of the aviation environment, full transcripts for all degrees you have undertaken and a list of all A-level (or equivalent) subjects you’ve taken along with the grades you achieved in each of them.

Kings College accepts students into their aviation medicine Masters programme based on their academic proficiency and experience in aviation medicine together with recommendations from academic referees. Applications are processed within 4 to 6 weeks after your form is received. You will have to go through at least one personal interview with the selection board. If you are applying from overseas, the interview can also be conducted over the phone.

The programme is self funding. You may be required to make a deposit on acceptance of an offered place. 

Places to the Kings College MSc programme in Aviation Medicine are highly sought after. If you are keen on joining this programme, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. The late date for accepting applications is usually set at 1 June. Beyond this date, your application will only be considered if places are still available.