Medlink – Just What You Need To Make Up Your Mind About Becoming A Doctor

January 6, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Becoming a doctor has always fascinated you since you were very young but now that it’s time to decide, you aren’t sure whether you are really cut out for this profession. How do you know for sure whether or not medicine is the right field for you if you’ve never actually had the exposure or the experience? 

Prepping for surgery at Morogoro Regional Hospital Helping you make up your mind about a career in medicine

If you are in the UK, Medlink can help you make up your mind. Medlink is a community that has been created to give potential future doctors a sneak peek into the world of medicine. Its approximately 200,000 members are a mix of doctors, surgeons, admission tutors and medical students who are always willing and happy to share advice and tips and give other members much-needed support when necessary.

Medlink conducts regular programmes and residential courses at the University of Nottingham Medical School. Designed to give prospective med students a preview of live in medical school, these programmes include varied seminars and briefings as well as the opportunity for attendees to interact with med students and doctors along with other relevant activities. The lectures cover diverse specialties ranging from Paediatrics to Careers in Surgery.

Are you qualified to attend?

If you are in your 12th or 13th year of school and are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, that’s all the qualifications you need to attend the program.  During the course of the program, there are also a few seminars that are designed for the students’ parents. These seminars help parents provide proper guidance to their children when applying for medical school.

Benefits of Attending A Medlink Programme

Deciding to join medical school is not one that is to be taken lightly. You should go through with the applications and other formalities only if you truly have the skill, the passion and the determination. Medlink will help you figure out if you do have all of these traits in you.

Medlink offers more than just academic information. It provides you all the information you need, from an overview of med school to plenty of useful tips on how to submit successful applications and how to increase your chances of getting accepted to the best medical schools in the UK. You will also get the opportunity to be immersed in a real hospital environment and see first-hand what you can expect when you graduate from medical school and embark upon a career as a medical professional.

Another significant benefit that this program offers is the opportunity to build an invaluable network of contacts through their online community. The Medlink online community is very active and will continue to give you all the support and guidance you may need before, during and after the program.

You can find more information and registration details at their website  As soon as you are registered, you receive a Medlink Booklet that contains all details of what’s included in the course and what you can expect during the program.