Go Places With Travel Nursing

January 15, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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You’ve always dreamt about becoming a nurse but you’ve also loved the idea of travelling around the world and somehow it seems like a clash of dreams. Most nursing jobs will tie you down. However, a career in travel nursing offers you the unexpected opportunity to indulge in both your passions – nursing and travelling.  With the global nursing shortage getting increasingly worse, health care facilities around the world are scrambling to find nurses to fill ever growing vacancies and many are turning to travel nursing organisations for recommendations.

Sounds like a good idea but you are not so sure what exactly travel nursing has to offer you? Here are just 3 of many ways how this unique career can help you grow  professionally and personally:

Student Rhiana with a new born baby in Morogoro, Tanzania 1. It helps you expand your knowledge base and your skills

As a travel nurse, no two workplaces are likely to be the same. One assignment could have you working as a jack of all trades in a small rural hospital with only a couple of beds and in the next assignment you could find yourself working in a specialty of your choice. Every experience will help you grow as a nurse. At one hospital you could be learning a radical new technique and at another you could be mentoring staff nurses who are unfamiliar with the same technique. The beauty of this is no matter where you work, you will acquire new skills and knowledge and gain exposure to different ways of looking at the nursing practice. All of this will give you a fresh perspective that will help you put some muscle into your portfolio of work.

2. You have better control over your career

Travel nursing puts you in the driver’s seat. Unlike working in a hospital where you are assigned duties, you have the freedom to choose your assignments in keeping with the atmosphere you would like to work in, whether it is a fast-paced hospital setting where you will be dealing with cutting edge procedures or the slower paced setting of a smaller hospital. Another benefit it offers you is that it allows you to try different settings to gain wider experience. You can move from a hospital setting to an assignment in a managed-care organisation and on to an assignment in an ambulatory care centre. In many ways a career as a travel nurse allows you tailor your assignments to meet your personal preferences as well as your professional goals. The flexibility it offers you is unparalleled.

3. You can travel anywhere you want to

There is a shortage of nurses around the world. This means, wherever you wish to travel to next, you can be sure there will be a nursing job waiting for you. The experience for you and your family can be invaluable as you get the chance to explore different countries and cultures as you would never have been able to as a typical tourist. It helps broaden your horizons , challenge your existing perceptions and grow personally and professionally in ways that no other career allows you to.