Don’t Make These Mistakes In Your Application To Medical School

January 22, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Applying to medical school can be an extremely stressful process. You may have an amazing GPA and outstanding academic scores and there is still no guarantee that you will be accepted into a medical school because there are so many other applicants that have even better scores. When the stakes are so high and the competition so tough, every little thing counts towards your success or failure in gaining admission into the school. Unfortunately, many applicants make these silly, completely avoidable mistakes that end up costing them a precious set in med school.

According to admissions authorities, the blow is the list of some of the more common mistakes they see in medical school applications. Take a look and make sure that you’re not one of those applicants who loses out on a set because of a mistake.

Students observing surgery at Morogoro Hospital Grammar and spelling errors

There’s no denying that there is a lot of writing involved in the application and this means, there is a lot of room to make grammar and spelling errors. But that’s no excuse. It is absolutely important that your application should be 100% error free in all aspects, from the formatting to your spellings and grammar. The best way to avoid these errors is by revising your application multiple times and then again before submitting it get it proofread by other people just in case you’ve overlooked any error.

Writing the wrong school name on your secondary application

Surprisingly, this is one of the most common mistakes. Everyone wants to minimize the amount of work they need to do and so if multiple schools have the same essay prompt in their secondary applications, most applicants simply copy and paste the same answer into both applications. While there may not be anything wrong with that, the mistake most students make is that they do not take the trouble to tailor the essay for the different schools. Not only can this be embarrassing but it will also ruin your chances of getting an interview from the school you made a mistake on.

Not having proper letters of recommendation

Most schools require applicants to have at least 3 stellar letters of recommendation, two from science professors and one from a non-science professor. However, not all schools have the same requirements. Some schools have a maximum or minimum number of letters permitted or required. Other schools may specify that they are looking for an additional letter from a non-professor or a research supervisor. It is important that you only send the number and type of that are specifically asked for and that you do not send anything more or less.

Sending the application in the wrong format

Some schools have specific requirements when it comes to secondary applications. They may require you to not copy and paste your essays from a word processing program such as Microsoft Word as this creates formatting errors that make it impossible for them to read your answers. Take the time to understand and adhere to their specifications so that your application is correctly formatted.