Uncommon Career Choices For Advanced Nurses

January 22, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Used to be that nurses only worked in hospitals, private clinics and other settings that focused exclusively on health care. Today, that scenario has changed drastically. There are several more openings for nurses in non-traditional settings. These four career options may be excellent for you if you are thinking about exploring other options where you could be employed with your nursing degree.

Insurance Nurse

There are several jobs available for nurses in the insurance industry and many established insurance companies recruit experienced RNs regularly.

As an insurance nurse, you would be required to multitask, doing everything from assessing patient claims, determining medical necessity and reviewing charts to providing information to insurance salespeople and teaching classes.

The one major drawback to this sort of nursing is that if you like working directly with patients, it may not be a good fit. However, if don’t mind the paperwork and you prefer working independently as opposed to working as part of a team,  this area of the field may be a real career move.

GM_Tanz_2013.jpg Day Care Provider

Creating a professional, supervised care environment for child and adult care centres can be a rewarding opportunity for a skilled nurse.

When considering day care centres, most parents and caregivers would feel much better about leaving their ward in the care of a trained nurse over a layperson. Your nursing expertise is a major plus because even though you may rarely if ever need to use your life saving expertise, in the event of any emergency, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Another huge advantage to this career choice is that you can charge higher fees for your services than other child care providers, and you could build a large enough business to hire trained staff, making your day care business all the more desirable.

Independent Patient Advocate

As an independent patient advocate, your job would be to educate, guide and empower people who have to make medical decisions. Independent patient advocates help in a medical crisis and will also offer assistance when negotiating any healthcare decision whether it’s at a hospital, doctor’s office, or long-term care facility.

As an experienced nurse, you already have the knowledge and skills. Now, as an independent patient advocate you will have the ability to respond to a client’s need to explore the best healthcare options and treatments without the constraints of protocol at a hospital or clinic.

Life Coach

As a trained healthcare provider, you are in a unique position where you can educate others on how to make significant life changes to improve their quality of life. Unlike most clients who are looking for advice and guidance, you would likely have experienced numerous life and death situations that have given you a better insight into the human condition. If you enjoy interacting with people and assisting them in meeting and overcoming life’s many challenges, this may be the career change you’ve been looking for.