Exploring The Different Job Opportunities Open To Paediatric Nurses

January 27, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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For paediatric nurses the best employment opportunities typically lie within children’s hospitals or academic medical centres that treat children. However there are several other avenues outside of traditional medical facilities that are available for paediatric nurses. Here are 5 of the most popular, non-traditional, job opportunities open to paediatric nurse:

Home healthcare

Home healthcare is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the healthcare system. With huge advancements that have been made in paediatric medicine and technology, more children with complex chronic and terminal conditions can now be treated and cared for at home with the help of a paediatric nurse. A growing subspecialty is offering services for infants and children with HIV or AIDS and those born to mothers addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Previous hospital experience is a must for any kind of in-home paediatric nursing.  Unlike a hospital where help and support are available at the touch of a button, in a home environment you have only yourself to rely on. Most of these kids who require home health care are usually medically frail and anything can happen to them at any moment. To work in this environment as a paediatric nurse it is crucial that you should have had some experience and are capable of dealing single-handedly with any emergency that may arise.

Student holding new born baby in Tanzania School nurse or administrator

As a school nurse you will work and make decisions independently and as such you will need to have prior paediatric experience with a wide array of health conditions and emergency situations.

To be a paediatric nurse, you must truly enjoy dealing with children and have compassion for them and families. In addition, as a paediatric school nurse, you need to be knowledgeable and confident enough to make decisions and to instruct and train non-licensed staff when you need an extra pair of hands. Excellent communication skills are a must, as a school nurse interacts not only with students, but also with teachers, parents, healthcare providers, administrators and others.

Child-abuse prevention

Today, there are several regional, state and national programs put in place to help reduce the incidence of child abuse. The Nurse-Family Partnership is one such program that works to partner a registered nurse with a first-time mother to provide ongoing nurse-home visits. The program is funded through various private and public funds. Although there are already hundreds of nurses nationwide who are participants in this program, several more are needed to meet the growing demand.

Lactation consultant

A career as a certified lactation consultant is perfect for you if you love working with and caring for mothers and newborns, are genuinely interested in promoting breastfeeding and have the patience and the motivation to offer advice and assistance to new parents particularly during those crucial early days. As the benefits of breastfeeding become more widespread, the demand for skilled lactation consultants keeps growing, resulting in plenty of job openings in this specialty.

Sleep clinics

Studies show that about 20 % of children have some type of sleep disorder, ranging from a mild form such as snoring to more serious night terrors. As a paediatric nurse in a sleep clinic, you would help determine whether a child’s sleep issues are physically or psychologically based and work with physicians to develop an effective treatment plan.

There are plenty of other healthcare facilities that also hire paediatric nurses. These include paediatricians’ practices, urgent-care clinics and walk-in clinics.