Benefits Of Joining The RAF As A Medical Officer

February 10, 2014

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Many medical students are aware of the option of applying to the Royal Air Force as a Medical Officer but they do not act on it simply because they are not aware of the many benefits they can enjoy. The truth is, in addition to excellent training, consistent support and tremendous job satisfaction, there are a host of unique benefits that come with the job.

Gap Medics student conducting a post-delivery health check with her mentor You can earn while you learn

There are several opportunities to study for a degree through the RAF, which means you may not have to choose between continuing your education and taking up a job. You can earn a recognised qualification, while earning your RAF salary at the same time.

When you join the RAF you will be paid from the first day you start your basic training. In addition, the RAF covers all your medical and dental bills and all your on-duty travel expenses. If your role includes driving military vehicles, they will even cover the fees for your driving licence.

All of your accommodation and food expenses are covered while you are on operations, in addition to which you could even receive an extra allowance for living overseas.

You get several unexpected discounts

There are several companies out there who want show their appreciation for the Armed Forces. Once you’ve enlisted, you will be entitled to hundreds of exclusive discounts that are only given to military personnel. You also get up to 1/3rd off standard rail fares for travel across the country on procuring a HM Forces Railcard that costs a nominal £15 a year.

You get the opportunity to work with state of the art equipment

As a Medical Officer in the Royal Air Force, you will get access to state of the art medical equipment and research laboratories. The Armed Forces believe in offering their personnel the best of the best in medical care and as one of the persons responsible for dispensing that care, you will be trained in and have access to it all, which is an opportunity you would never get as a civilian doctor.  

You get to travel all over the world during the course of your work

As a force that operates around the world, the Royal Air Force needs to maintain an active presence overseas. In addition to deployment destinations such as Afghanistan, there are RAF bases in several other countries including the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Ascension Island and Gibraltar. Medical staff goes wherever there is a RAF presence. A posting abroad comes with additional perks. Your relocation costs are covered and you get an overseas posting allowance.              

Other benefits of joining the RAF

Along with the attractive pay and benefits, free medical and dental car and subsidised food, accommodation and travel, you also get access to gym and sports facilities free of cost. On top of it all, you get six weeks paid holiday a year plus all public holidays.