Explore Armed Forces Bursaries As A Way To Fund Your Medical Education

February 10, 2014

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The UK armed forces offer exceptionally generous bursaries or cadetships to help fund undergraduate medical students during their studies. There is of course a small price you will have to pay in exchange for this generosity. Medical students who avail of the financial help from the armed forces are required to sign a contract agreeing to serve a minimum period in the forces after having registered with the General Medical Council. If you apply for and use the funds but do not or cannot complete the full term of service, you would have to return a portion of or all of the money you have received during your medical school training.

Weighing a new born after delivery in Tanzania Royal Navy Bursary

The Royal Navy pays your tuition fees along with a salary during your last three years of medical school. As a Medical Cadet you would be required to join the Royal Navy on a Short Commission of 6 years. This commences from the date of your full General Medical Council registration

Prospective medical officers will have to attend an interview board. This is a two-day session, which includes a formal interview. In addition all interviewees are also required to complete an array of assorted mental and physical tasks.

Medical officers undergo a seven-week intensive training period at a Royal Naval College. The training is rigorous and requires an above-mediocre level of fitness beforehand.

Royal Air Force Bursary

Undergraduate medical students can apply for a University Bursary of £3000 a year from the RAF. The RAF approves a bursary for 2 years of study, which is during the 2nd and 3rd years of an undergraduate course or the 1st, 2nd and 4th years of an accelerated graduate course.

In the final 2 years of the program, you can apply for a University Cadetship of about £14,982 – £16,822 a year. In the last 2 years of the program you also receive financial help towards your tuition fees and a book allowance.

In return for this financial help, you have to sign a contract agreeing to become a member of the University Air Squadron and then to join the RAF once you have completed the General Medical Council registration. As a member of the University Air Squadron you will experience the RAF first-hand and have free flying lessons

Army Bursary

Only UK citizens who are within three years of graduating from a UK medical school are eligible to apply for an Army Undergraduate Cadetship. If your application is approved, the Army will pay your tuition fees and an annual salary of around £14,515 for the last three years of your medical program. Once you are fully registered as a doctor, you must agree to serve for six years on a Short Commission. As a Medical Cadets you will also have the opportunity to do your electives and attachments at Army medical units either in the UK or overseas.