Considering A Career In Nursing? How Volunteering At St John’s Ambulance Can Help

February 19, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Choosing to pursue a career in nursing calls for some careful thought and consideration. The path to becoming a nurse is long and rigorous and life as a nurse is not easy either. Before you enrol in nursing school, it is important to be sure that this is really what you want to do and this is where volunteering at St. John’s Ambulance can be of immense help. There’s more- in addition to giving you some first-hand experience in the medical field, it will also help boost your nursing school application.

A student with new born baby at Morogoro Hospital in Tanzania The organisation takes up services and first-aid activities and runs a variety of community programs that focus on social and healthcare in the community. Anyone who is above 18 years of age, committed and energetic can volunteer. Those who are under the age of 18 years can still be a part of this team in a slightly limited capacity.

St. John’s Ambulance programmes are an ideal option for you if: 

·      You truly enjoy providing care to family members, neighbours and friends

·      You would like to gain more knowledge and skills that will help you in your nursing role

·      You would you like to acquire useful first-aid skills

·      You would like to gain some training in how to handle emergencies, manage stress and care for people

·      You like meeting carers and sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and advice and meeting new people

A snapshot of St. John’s Ambulance programmes for carers

St. John’s Ambulance volunteers are essentially unpaid individuals who care for physical, social and mental needs of those in the community. This job is not an easy one and it is very similar to what a nurse will have to do. A nurses’ role is very demanding and having this kind of experience and training will help you when you finally move into nursing school.

The carers program offers advice on:

·      Caring skills- You will be given advice about a range of subjects such as nutrition, infection control and giving medicines. You will also learn about dealing with problems that older people face such as memory loss and continence.

·      Safer handling- When you look after others, you tend to ignore your own health. In this phase of the course, you will be given advice about daily self-care and on safer handling skills.

·      First aid skills- This is basic training where you will learn how to provide first aid in a home environment or any environment where no immediate medical help is available. 

This is a 4 week long course and you get to learn various aspects of being a medical professional including stress management and relaxation, which are so crucial for a nurse’s well-being. This is a comprehensive course and an ideal one for a person who aspires to be a nurse. Volunteering at a well-known organisation like St John’s Ambulance will add a great deal of credibility to your statement and it is a great way to know first-hand what being a nurse and carer is all about.