Pre Med Programs: Two Weeks in Tanzania!

February 19, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Pursuing a career in medicine? Have you had the opportunity to shadow doctors in a hospital yet? Take two weeks this summer to watch a doctor at work!

Clinical shadowing hours abroad for pre dental studentsGap Medics has designed 2-week specialty shadowing programs in Iringa, Tanzania, for American pre med students this May and June. These dynamic hospital programs are created to give each student a comprehensive and customized clinical experience before they apply to med school. In the project, pre med students shadow physicians in a fast-paced hospital environment and observe everything the doctors see on a daily basis.

The Two Weeks in Tanzania pre med program offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness and interact with healthcare professionals in a developing country. Learn from seasoned physicians in a unique, and under-resourced, clinical setting. Some of the departments available are surgery, pediatrics and internal medicine. A project in the OB/GYN department will expose you to C-sections, obstetric surgery and plenty of births!

When you’re not in the hospital, you can go on a wild three-day safari, volunteer with children at an orphanage or immerse yourself in the local culture. Tanzania is a fascinating and beautiful country—be sure to enjoy it!

The projects take place in our partner hospitals: Iringa Regional Hospital, Tosamaganga Hospital, Ngome Health Centre and Consolata Dental Clinic. These facilities provide aspiring doctors with far more clinical exposure than any hospital or clinic in the United States could offer them. Get real insight into the field of medicine and expand your professional network.

What’s covered:

Gap Medics has successfully organized and facilitated pre health shadowing programs for thousands of pre med students since 2009. As the number of applicants to medical school grows, Gap Medics offers pre med students specialized clinical experience to help them stand out on their applications and lay the groundwork for a successful academic career. You won’t want to miss this.

Projects are available from:

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