Graduate Management Careers Associated With Healthcare

March 12, 2014

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Today, there are several opportunities available to you if you looking for career in management but you would also like to be associated with healthcare in some way. From healthcare informatics to human resources and project management, this sector offers a wide range of roles for graduates with a background in any degree.

With more than 300 different careers in the NHS and just as many careers in the private healthcare sector for management graduates, you are not likely to have any problem finding a career to match your qualifications and your skills. In addition to the more well-known medical professions, there are also a vast variety of behind-the-scenes healthcare jobs as well as positions in organisations such as day care centres, private companies and the armed forces.

Take a look at some of the opportunities you can choose from and what each of them entails: 

Pre medical and volunteer programs in Thailand Healthcare informatics

In order to offer more efficient healthcare services to their patients, healthcare employers today are looking for experts in information and communication technology (ICT). These ICT experts are responsible for managing and analysing all kinds of data that is necessary to improve efficiency and enhance patient experience. The NHS is currently in the process of implementing an ambitious IT infrastructure, which will include an electronic booking system and a new patient record service. Within these kinds of innovative healthcare improvement schemes, graduates can find roles in areas as varied as systems analysis, applications and systems development, staff training and help-desk support.

To pursue a career in this field, you need to have analytical, creative and problem solving skills along with in-depth technical knowledge.

Human resources

Human resources professionals are required in every industry and the healthcare sector is no exception. As a Human resources manager in any healthcare organisation, you will be responsible for recruiting new staff and looking after the welfare of existing employees. This could entail organising staff training and development, handling formal complaints and disciplinary action when necessary and maintaining strong working relations with all staff. A good understanding of employment legislation is essential in order to give fair advice to those who need it.

To pursue a career in this field you need to be tactful, diplomatic and a good negotiator, have excellent people skills and be highly organised. 

Management and finance

Health service managers work with clinical and non-clinical staff across all areas of healthcare. They are responsible for the commissioning and delivery of local healthcare initiatives, taking into account advancements in medical technology as well as public expectations. Finance managers in healthcare deal with budgets, audits and all sorts of financial data and ensure that all financial records are in order. Graduates with the ability to balance policy and financial demands with the needs of patients and clinical staff are in great demand today across the U.K.

Strategic awareness along with strong communication and leadership skills are desirable traits for anyone who wishes to pursue this career path.