About Volunteering & Internships With The UNICEF

March 13, 2014

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UNICEF is an organisation that helps children around the world get the basic education, healthcare, sanitation, and shelter that they need to thrive. UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund. The organisation works with various civic leaders, corporations, and governments in more than 190 countries to bring health care closer to young children who need food, water, vaccinations, and other basic and essential assistance.

A local girl on Zanzibar island in TanzaniaWhere to volunteer or get a job with UNICEF

If you are interested in a long-term volunteer assignment with UNICEF, you may volunteer or apply for a position with the United Nations Volunteer or UNV program or the US Fund for UNICEF. You can also send in an online application through the website of UNICEF. Look for the action centre and register as a volunteer. This opportunity is open to those with undergraduate degrees and work experience.

Openings for volunteer or paid work

Since UNICEF provides healthcare to children around the world, it is in constant want of medical professionals who will be assigned where the need for healthcare arises. There is a great need for doctors, registered nurses, nursing aids and medical technicians. There are various openings that you can apply or volunteer for, including senior or ground staff positions.

Requirements to volunteer

Children 13 years old and above can volunteer as well as raise funds through school programs. Professionals and adults can volunteer or work in UNICEF for long-term opportunities as long as you have an undergraduate degree and years of work experience. You have to send you resume to the UNV or the UNICEF website.

You may also be required to show your United Nations Personal History P11 form along with your registration and application. You may download the P11 form from the website. Non-US applicants must click on the “Info by Country” to know what is required of you. Requirements vary depending on your country of residence or citizenship.

More Info on Volunteering

If you want to know more about volunteering to the organisation, visit the website’s Action Centre. You will find all the necessary information on this page including details about campaigns and programmes where you can join a UNICEF initiative. You’ll find some openings for fundraising programs, education positions, and advocacy initiatives where you can donate your time, money and effort.

Internship opportunities

Occasionally, UNICEF offers internships from the New York City Headquarters but this opportunity is only open to those who are based in the US. Interns are usually assigned marketing, analysis, research and communication responsibilities. You should know though that UNICEF does not offer fellowships, scholarships, and grants as part of their internship opportunities.

The best way to get more information or details on the recruitment, hiring or application process is by emailing your queries to the recruitment office of UNICEF.