How GHETS Improves Health Around The World Through Education, Training And Service

March 20, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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The Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS) is a non-government organisation (NGO) that aims to improve healthcare systems and health conditions of people around the world. Their goal is to support community-based projects that promote healthcare. These projects are engaged through outreach initiatives involving health professionals and students.

Pre med volunteering in an African hospital The GHETS comprehensive approach

Unlike most other NGOs that focus on specific health problems such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria, GHETS approaches its healthcare initiatives in a broader spectrum. They do this by providing primary care and basic healthcare services that address wide ranging issues such as malnutrition, gender-based violence and the lack of healthcare and nutrition knowledge. The organisation also funds local healthcare providers through their projects, which are developed to address community health problems.

GHETS maintains and supports a network of trained and licensed local medical providers on the ground to ensure continuity of badly needed healthcare in certain communities and to prevent the vacuum that is typically created when foreign temporary workers finish their tenure and go back home.

Priorities & goals

GHETS doctors and other healthcare professionals fund health programs and make a presence in communities around the world. They train and educate local healthcare providers on health issues such as maternal health, child care, reproductive health, sexual issues, and gender-based violence issues.

The organisation also supports occupational health and environmental projects such as community education and worker safety issues. As part of its health initiatives, GHETS has partnered up and funded medical institutions in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Programs are implemented in these regions that are meant to improve primary care of their respective communities.

An impressive record of success and achievements

GHETS has set up medical clinics in Uganda and helped women in Uganda and Pakistan by educating them about reproductive health and providing primary care to women in hard to reach areas. They are also present in camps in Sudan where refugees experience violent gender-based crimes. Projects in Nepal focus on primary care, child and maternal healthcare in rural distantly located communities with no previous healthcare presence.

Medical representatives and staff of GHETS have a high presence in African to help educate communities about the risks and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The organisation has filled gaps in primary care in Africa where there is a severe shortage of skilled health workers and medical professionals. GHETS has provided workers and healthcare workers in Nicaragua and other developing countries with knowledge and training to decrease occupational health risks.

How GHETS healthcare staff makes a lasting impact on global communities

Members of the organisation’s health and medical team are responsible for applying their objectives and programs in less fortunate communities around the world. By providing education and training to other healthcare constituents in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, GHETS is able to create a long-term solution to common healthcare issues in those regions.

Local healthcare providers are also in the best position to help GHETS teams understand priority health issues in their respective communities to ensure that their programs and grants will be better implemented. As a volunteer, intern or medical professional with GHETS, you can help improve the health situation and make a lasting contribution in many communities around the world.